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Electrical Panel Upgrade

What's the Purpose of an Electrical Panel?


Think of the electrical panel as the electrical current distribution center.  The power that comes from your electrical company's power line enters through the electrical meter located on the outside of the building and then enters into the electrical panel.  The electrical service panel contains circuit breakers that service your home or building.


The circuit breakers are enclosed within the electrical panel.  When you open the panel door you can see the circuit breakers.  Circuit breakers regulates the amount of amperate that goes to the circuit wire coming out of the breakers into your home or building.  Circuit breakers are designed to protect an electrical system from overload by shutting down.  You'l notice both single-pole and double-pole circuit breakers.  Single-pole circuit breakers provide 120-volt power and typically control smaller appliances, outlets and lighting.  However, some appliances need more energy to operate and need a higher voltage . . .240 volts.  That is where the double-volt circuit breakers come in.


How do I Know When it's Time to Upgrade my Electrical Panel?


Electrical panels in older homes were installed to handle a certain amount of power.  Over time, the electrical needs of a home changes.  Homeowners may add a new room to their house or are using new electrical appliances.  The additional room or equipment puts a higher electrical demand on the old panel, causing the breakers and other internal electrical components to become hot which could lead to a burned circuit breaker leaving you without power or worse a fire.


Don't be fooled.  Sometimes you may not need an electrical panel upgrade.  Sometimes, you might simply need an additional circuit to a problem area which is using more power than a single circuit can handle.


Pacific Gold Electric, Inc. has over 25 years experience changing or upgrading electrical panels.  We will go in an assess the power demand on your home using our state-of-the art instruments.  We will provide you a written evaluation of any situations that we've discovered and repair and/or upgrade your panel based on our findings. 


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